How to Write a Love Song?

From time immemorial, Love songs have been on top of the list when it comes to the kind of songs people enjoy. So many songs have the word ‘love’ somewhere. If you want to learn how to write a love song here are some tips.


Pen Down your Feelings

Think about the person you are writing the song for and what inspires you about them, then put it in writing. Don’t constrain your words within any meter or rhymes. That will come later.


Describe the physical attributes of that person that appeals to you. This may be how they talk, move, dance, laugh and love.


Describe them emotionally. Are they courageous and strong, or quiet and thoughtful? Anything that describes their personal traits is good to go.


Describe how you two met. Talk about the things you like to do together. If you are not together yet as lovers, imagine you were and write it down.


Introduce the Metaphors and Similes


Metaphors make all the difference in a song. Be as figurative as you can. Read through your narrative by replacing the sentences with as many metaphors as possible. At this point, you are still exploring so write anything you can say about love.


Add the similes by stating their symbolism to the one you love.

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Introduce the Image


Create an image of how your song should be by giving the lyrics a form. The image should be based on the theme and the metaphors you used.


For example, if you used a metaphor like ‘she is a field of flowers on a warm fragrant night’, Then the overall image here can be a garden or honeybees that are attracted by the flowers. Build your lyrics basing on this image.


Include Rhymes


Rhymes add a poetic flavor to songs. Using a rhyming dictionary, find the words that are applicable to the image and the word list of your lyrics.


For example, a word like flower rhymes with shower, power or bower. Avoid awkward rhymes.


Define the Arc of Your Song


Most songs will have; verse, verse, chorus, Verse then end with a chorus. Each verse should introduce something new about the subject. The chorus joins the Verses altogether.

The first verse could talk about how you met, the second verse how you see her/him, or how she/he makes you feel. The third verse, about how you see your future together. The chorus can be a summary of the narrative you created in the beginning.


Put the Song into Melody


Create a basic melody. Melodies sometimes come spontaneously, sometimes not. Either way, turn on your recording device and start humming any melody that comes to your head. You can use your lyrics to develop the melody, or even hum some nonsense syllables


Then take a 30 minutes break before you listen to the recording. Write down the sections that you find thrilling. Put it all together by joining the words, the melody and the harmony then play it.


Come up with a few variations of the song and let it sit for the night. Embark on it the following day and pick your favorite.


Keep Polishing until you are contented with the results and bingo! There you have it.